Detoxing Basics


  1. Clean colon
    1. Healthy diet with plenty of fiber
    2. Exercise
    3. Magnesium (stimulates BM)
    4. Peppermint (bloating)
    5. Fennel Seed  (flatulence, indigestion, balancing acidity)
    6. Cayenne (waste removal, improves absorption
    7. Oregano (anti-parasitic, anti-fungal)
    8. Cascara Sagrada (laxative, improves elimination)
    9. Senna Leafs (improves elimination, removes worms/parasites)
    10. Dandelion –(Improves healthy flora, detoxes liver and increases bile to gallbladder)
    11. Black Walnut Hulls- (improves BM, light laxative, kills worms/parasites)
    12. Golden seal (balances gut flora, antiseptic/anti-fungal)
  2. Clean kidney, bladder,
    1. Healthy diet
    2. Plenty of clean water
    3. Exercise
    4. Herbs
  1. Goldenrod
  2. Chanca Piedra
  • Hydrangea Root (helps discourage kidney stones)
  1. Horsetail – increase urine output
  2. Celery root – diuretic
  3. Uva-Ursi – Good for infection, tones the kidney tract
  • Dandelion Root – diuretic, promotes waste elimination
  • Parsley- diuretic, reduces toxin build in kidneys
  1. Clean liver
    1. Borotutu Bark (Most powerful, antioxidant, supports digestion)
    2. Milk thistle seed (cleans liver and gallbladder, helps detox from alcohol, regeneration of damaged liver tissue, stimulates bile production, improves digestion)
    3. Chanca Piedra (improves elimination, aids in kidney stones)
    4. Dandelion Root (cleans liver, stimulates bile, helps fight fatty liver, cirrhosis, estrogen dominance)
    5. Turmeric (Protects and regenerates liver cells)
    6. Peppermint (Stimulates bile, helps break down fats, inhibits blockage in kidneys)
  2. Clean lymph nodes
    1. Rebounding
    2. Massage
    3. Dry brushing
    4. Go braless as much as possible
  3. Parasite cleansing
    1. Clean up diet
    2. Pumpkin seeds (paralyzes worm)
    3. Garlic
    4. Wormwood
    5. Papaya seed (combine with honey for a week)
    6. Pineapple
    7. Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) ‘DE’
    8. Bentonite clay (1/2 tsp/day in glass of water for 2 weeks, then 1x wk)
  4. Chemical and heavy metal cleansing
    1. Clean up diet
    2. Eliminate food sensitivities
    3. Sauna therapy (Infrared)
    4. DMSA
    5. DE, EDTA, Bentonite clay, activated charcoal