Destruction of the Food Chain

Unless a person has been hiding with their head in the sand, it is easy to see that our food security is a thing of the past. Countries are cutting back or stopping their food exports. Weather is destroying crops. #Plannedandplayed acts of terrorism by those in power are being enacted against our food manufacturing plants. Animals are being senselessly slaughtered by the thousands. Ships are being held off coast, unable to deliver their goods. People like Bill Gates are buying up farmland right and left. (This is not good.)

The result of all of this is that food will become scarce. The Bible calls this a ‘famine.’ Paul tells us in 1 Cor 10: 11 that the stories in the Old Testament were told for the good of those who are living in the end times. That’s us.

In Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, we read multiple times how people will be destroyed by famine, pestilence, and the sword (sharp, pointy object of destruction).

We read stories of Joseph in Egypt where they had seven years of famine. People survived because Joseph was put in charge of managing the food source. They were warned in a dream of Pharoah, which Joseph interpreted.


Overall, as Americans, we have become spoiled. We are used to eating food from all over the world, throughout the year. We are not bothered by seasonal limitations.

But that time is over.


Not only are other countries shutting down their exports, but transportation costs are skyrocketing, which is making even the most basic of food stuffs very expensive.


Another aspect of this food shortage is that fertilizers are in short supply. Also, DEF which trucks need to operate to meet environmental restrictions, is in short supply. Truckers are having to park their trucks.


If trucks stop running, we are in dire straights in less than 48 hours.


If you are anywhere near awake, you may be aware of those behind the scenes manipulating these actions in order to control us, the people. Kissinger said, ‘Control oil and you control the nations; control food and you control the people.’ We see this being played out now.


Hopefully, you, the reader, can see how serious this can become. If grocery shelves are empty, if people are going hungry, violence will erupt like never before. You think Black Friday is crazy, you haven’t seen crazy until a daddy is trying to find something to put in his baby’s mouth to keep her from crying. That daddy becomes a person willing to do just about anything to get food.


All of this has been #plannedandplayed for decades. It’s like the frog in the pot with the flames slowly heating the water. It will stay there until it dies rather than getting out.




What can we do? That is the question.


Below are some ideas. Please do not disregard anything as impossible. The main point is to start now, with what you have available. Seek God’s guidance. He promises to provide and protect those who walk in obedience to His word. Truly, we can do each of the following steps below, but if we leave God out of the formula, it’s all for nothing. Not any of our preparations will be of any use unless we rely on God first. He will bless our efforts. PLUS, when all else fails, He will provide our food/water. (This is a promise for those who walk in obedience.)


  1. Ditch the fake food-like products and start using real ingredients. (beans, rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dried fruits) Not only is this healthier, but it is less expensive. You have a wide variety of options.
    1. If you do not know how to cook from scratch, start printing up simple recipes from online of your favorite foods. Or buy a cookbook.
  2. Buy from local farmer’s markets. (Again, food is fresher and has more nutrients.)
  3. Join a gardening co-op. (CSA)
  4. Get the needed supplies to can your own excess foods.
  5. Shop in season. (You can find lists online of seasonal foods.)
  6. Grow your own garden.
    1. In containers
    2. In the ground
    3. Hydroponics
    4. Herbs
  7. Join a community garden (a bit different than a co-op). This is great for those who live in an apartment or have no yard to speak of. Many communities across the country offer small sections of land for the citizens to use for gardening.
  8. Study succession gardening.
  9. Learn to forage.
  10. Learn to hunt.
  11. If you have a ‘U Pick’ garden around you, take advantage of that.
  12. Some areas have large farms that allow gleaners. Take advantage of that.
  13. Raise your own animals for meat. (Meat is not the best choice for health but eating what you grow yourself is better than buying from a grocery store.)
  14. Go fishing. Preserve extra by drying/smoking.
  15. Learn how to preserve food by making sauerkraut or dehydrating. (Freezing is ok, but when the electric goes out, that food is wasted.)
  16. Use the funds you have now to stock up on the basics:
    1. Beans
    2. Rice
    3. Nuts/seeds
    4. Celtic or Himalayan salt
    5. Honey
    6. Spices

(There is a wide variety of beans and rice. We do not have to eat the same ones every day. Learn how to grind beans for flour. Learn how to use alternative foods for flour.)

  1. Work to where you are eating only two meals a day. This is healthier for you. It takes training to learn how to control the appetite.
  2. Ditch the sodas and junk food. Learn to make healthy snacks from scratch. Use the funds you have for real ingredients rather than junk that is unhealthy for you.
  3. Grow duckweed. This is an aquatic plant you can grow in a plastic or glass container. It grows fast. It is a complete protein that is safe for humans and animals. It’s not expensive to get started. Since it grows so fast, you will want to harvest frequently and dry for use.
  4. Learn how to make your own yeast.
  5. Learn how to cook your own bread from scratch.
  6. This may sound silly or strange but start chewing your food until it is liquid in your mouth, before swallowing. This slows your eating down and allows your brain to register when you have had enough. *I started doing this after going to two meals a day. I become full before I finish my plate of food. I end up saving 2-3 things until my second meal.
  7. If you grow flowers and fancy landscaping, replace some of those with edible and/or medicinal plants. Pretty flowers and plants are nice, but they do not put food on the table.


It’s not IF, but WHEN food will become scarce. Start now to get ready.


Something to think about.