Answering the Call

Tonight I watched the movie ‘War Room’ for the third or fourth time. Every time I watch it, I learn something. Tonight I again thought of how we, as Christians, do not utilize the power that God wishes to give us, if we simply follow His truth and walk in obedience to Him.


The Bible says that God will have a ‘Remnant’ church in these last days. This church will be comprised of a group of people who follow Jesus wherever He goes. It will be a group of people who have died to self so Christ can live in them. It will be a group of people who will live God’s love in action in every aspect of their lives.


According to Rev 14: 4-5, this Remnant group will be like unto the first. They will be as the early church in the way they live and demonstrate God’s love in action. People will know by their lives, that they have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).


Time is running short. Soon the door of probation will be closed. Right now, God is searching for a people who ‘love not their lives unto death.’ Who are willing to sacrifice all to live for Him.


Peter tells us that God has already given us everything we need to live lives of righteousness. We do not utilize it. (2 Pet 1: 3-4)

I’ve used the illustration before of being given numerous gifts when we accept Christ as our Savior. Unfortunately, the majority of people choose to only open the gift of salvation. They do not want to open up the other gifts.


These gifts come into action as we grow in the knowledge and grace of God. (2 Pet 1:5-7) This is called the ‘ladder of sanctification.’


Time is running short, as I said. God is waiting for His people to put away the petty differences and live His love out in their daily lives. Stop fighting over things that are not important for salvation. Focus on the work God has for us today. People need to hear the three angels’ messages. They need to hear the truth while there is still time to change to follow God’s truth, rather than satan’s counterfeit.


Will we answer the call today? Will we allow God to use us in these closing scenes of earth’s history? Will we stand as one of His prayer warriors?


If you have not seen the movie, I strongly recommend it. The book is even better. Here is the closing prayer. I pray that each of you will answer the call today.

For those interested, I have a Bible study series on prayer. You can find it on my Kindling Dreams Facebook page. The last few are now being uploaded to my Rumble page.