Complying Your Way to Destruction: My Why

My two sisters and I recently took a vacation together to the beautiful Eureka Springs area in Arkansas. This is our first ever true vacation we have all took together, outside of a trip to see relatives with grandparents when we were young children.

As we reached town, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up meal supplies. Of course, in Arkansas, there is heavy compliance to the unethical, illegal mask mandates. **I will not address this aspect of the mask mandates but will urge the reader to do their own research, especially in regard to the damaging effect on our health. A good place to start is Here.

Needless to say, I became very frustrated at the number of people complying to this harmful edict. Life is never easy as an INFJ because we feel so strongly when we see masses of people being, not only deceived, but harmed in the so doing. I see the underlying precedents being set that will lead to the total destruction of many.

Being the contemplator that I am, I wondered how I could best express the dangers of complying to something that is both deceitful and harmful. This is my attempt to explain the underlying connotations behind the dangers of your compliance. This is my attempt to explain my WHY. Why am I constantly speaking out against what is being mandating to the harm of others?

Compliance increases tyranny. Compliance – following along when you disagree and/or know it is wrong not only increases tyranny, but also contributes to the continual deception of others.

There are those who wear the masks because they truly fear the ‘corona virus.’ *More on this in another post. These people are truly deceived and ruled by fear. **Again, more on the effect of fear on the brain in another post.

Then there are those who wear the mask by compliance. They know the truth regarding the CV lie or the truth regarding the germ theory lie, but they wear the mask any ways because they care more about what will happen to them if they do not. (ie. No school, no work, no medical care, etc.)

Now here is the point that frustrates me.

The mask is not about health at all. If it was truly about health, then a specific type of mask (such as this) would be required, plus training would be mandated on how to safely put on/take off the mask AND dispose of it properly.

IF CV was so deadly, then biohazard waste receptacles would be placed all over the place. In addition to this, proper breathing techniques would be taught so as to not damage your health while wearing the masks for extended periods.

However, this is not about health, but control.

Underlying the grab for control is an even more sinister agenda. How do I know this? Because I have studied Bible prophecy for over 35 years.

There is a great controversy going on between God and satan. The time is nearing the end of this controversy. Satan is no longer hiding his agenda, and people do not care.

Soon, there will be laws mandated regarding Sunday worship.

In the beginning, it will be only recommended that people attend their local church of their choice. This will be for the ‘good of the people,’ ‘for the good of the environment.’ We need to give the environment a ‘day of rest’ to recover from the harm done to her by selfish capitalists.

Some states/countries even will necessitate these ‘recommendations.’  Then, as things continue to worsen, the specific day of worship will be recommended. The mandates will become stricter and more specific – Sunday will be the day chosen.

Sunday – the day of worship for the pagan god. It was never a day set aside by God for His worship.

In case you do not know, for every one of God’s truths, satan has a counterfeit.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. After the sixth day when God created man, He saw that it was all good. He then set aside the seventh day as a day of rest and a memorial of creation. God blessed and sanctified it.

God set aside the seventh day long before there were any Jews or Native Americans or Greeks, etc. He made Sabbath for man because He knew we needed a day to come apart from the world, to rest in Him and His provision; to remember who is in charge. It is our day to spend in worship of our Creator.

God set aside the seventh-day Sabbath. There’s more in the Bible about the importance of this day for those who follow His truth.

This specific Bible truth hits hard at satan’s foundation because he desires to be like God. Therefore, satan created his own day of worship – the venerable day of the sun – Sunday.

Just as God uses the seventh-day Sabbath as a seal on His people, satan uses his counterfeit day of worship as a mark on his people.

Now we return to the issue of compliance.

In March 2020, we entered what was supposed to be a 14-day ‘flatten the curve’ lockdown.

Those in government pushed fear to gain compliance. Soon, it became apparent that these entities were lying, as they constantly changed their story. (Liars do that often. Truth speakers are like broken records, saying the same thing over and over.)

The numbers were skewed as there is not accurate testing. Plus, anyone who died WITH covid was counted as dying FROM covid.

Fear shuts down the frontal lobe, so people are unable to think rationally. When people are in a state of fear, they will do what they are told without question. (Savior complex.)

We are now past the one-year mark of the 14 day ‘flatten the curve.’ People are confused and fighting amongst each other. Families are at arms with each other. In fact, these lies have destroyed more families than anything else the government has done.

It has been a year of compliance, wearing a mas that is not about your health, but about control. In fact, mask wearing is extremely unhealthy. People are dying from the complications of mask wearing.

I imagine cancer rates will be skyrocketing over the next year as our bodies are staying in a state of acidosis, leading to chronic health issues and cancer.

But I digress.

For a year now, we have been trained to comply with the constantly changing edicts of those in power, no matter the ‘true’ science or the various professionals speaking out against the mandates.

Censorship has become so blatant also, making it harder to find truth, as truth speakers are shut down, videos removed from public venues. It is very similar to when Bibles were chained to the pulpit in the Catholic church. Later, Bibles were burned when they were written in the language of the common people, to keep these people from learning God’s truth.

During this year, the act of compliance has worn a pathway in our brain to solidify a certain mode of behavior, no matter what the professionals say, giving a word of warning.

  • No mask, no job.
  • No mask, no school.
  • No mask, no shopping.
  • No mask, no medical care.


Does this sound familiar? **Revelation 13:17 (More on this later.)

Then comes the emergency approval of the UNTESTED mRNA genetic altering vaccine that is not a vaccine.

There is a lot I could say on the illegal aspect of this, but I must move on.

Already jobs are being threatened. Talk is beginning that school attendance restricted for the next school year will require the CV vaccination. Soon, these restrictions will increase.

No, you do not HAVE to be vaccinated, but you can’t leave your home, go to school, go shopping, receive medical care, etc.

Do you see the pattern?

Since you have already been indoctrinated to comply ‘for the good of the community,’ complying with the vaccine will be one more step. **Just as a matter of statement, Jesus was ‘crucified’ for the good of the community. (John 11:50)

Currently, many are saying no. This is only because those in power have yet to threaten jobs. There is not too much economic pressure to comply.

But it is coming.

Another domino falling on the path of complying your way to destruction.

Those neural pathways have already accepted the concept of compliance to maintain your lifestyle choices.

Then comes the event. *Whether this event is manmade or natural does not matter.

Not sure what the event will be, but it will bring a cry from the people upwards that people need to return to God, that is why this happened. People have fallen away from God.

It is all good and fine to suggest people return to God, but it is not okay to force it. God never forces. Never. Ever. Forces. Force is a tool of satan, just as fear is. **Look to whom is using force and fear – you will see satan’s minions.

Time passes. More horrible things happen as God withdraws His protective hands. Satan is having a field day. He knows he has already lost. He only wants to bring as many people down with him as he can. He does this through deception and force.

Deception and force combined with the neural pathways already primed for compliance.

Then we arrive at mandated Sunday worship.

Remember, Sunday is NOT God’s Sabbath. It is the day set aside by an entity who thinks to change times and laws. It is satan’s counterfeit day of worship.

The patterns of compliance being learned now begins to repeat, only this time, there’s satan’s counterfeit appearance to muddy the waters.

Unless one is solidly grounded in God’s truth, you will be deceived.

Over time, stricter and stricter laws will be passed to force compliance to Sunday worship. As horrible things continue to worsen, blame will be assigned to those following God’s seventh-day Sabbath.

If you do not comply by now, you will be unable to buy and sell. No school attendance. No Amazon delivery. No medical care. No prescription refills.

You either comply or else.

**I did not mention the growing use of the digital vaccination programming. I avoided it for a reason.

People confuse this digital vaccination certificate as the ‘mark of the beast.’

Satan wants you deceived when in reality the seal/mark is a sign of worship. It deals with which day of worship one observes. God’s seal on His people is the seventh-day Sabbath.

The digital certificate can be used as a way to carry out the no buy/no sell, but it is NOT the mark itself.

Now we come to the crux of the matter as to why today’s mask wearing compliance leads the way to destruction.

By complying now, you set up acceptance in the mind that compliance is necessary, even if the underlying principle is wrong.

First, comply regarding masks.

Then, comply regarding genetic-altering shots.

Then comply regarding church attendance.

Then comply regarding Sunday worship. **After all, it doesn’t really matter what day you worship as long as you worship, right? This is the world’s view. It is not God’s view.

Rev 13:7

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The mark in the forehead represents those who are truly deceived. As with the masks, they choose to remain ignorant regarding the truth on covid or the seventh-day Sabbath.

Their mark of compliance will be in the forehead.

Then there are those who know the truth, but comply anyway because…

It is easier not to rock the boat.

Their ‘mark’ of compliance will be on the hand because they know it is not true, but they comply anyways because they do not want to lose their job, be unable to shop, go to school, receive medical care, or fly for that vacation.

Then the door of probation closes as everyone has decided whom they will worship by the day they observe.

Jesus will stand up and say, ‘“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” (Rev 22:11)

The plagues will quickly fall, judgment unmixed with mercy. **There is no secret escape from the coming plagues.

Those who did not comply, who continued to walk in God’s truth, will not experience the effects of the plagues. (Rev 14:12)

Those who did comply will experience the plagues and be forever lost.

Do you understand now? It is not ‘just a mask.’ Compliance increases tyranny. (Just like a bully who gets his way, the bullying increases until someone stops reacting and allowing him to get away with the behavior.) Compliance sets up a neural pathway, leading to even more compliance and compromise.

Further compliance leads to total destruction.

It is not just a mask. It is the final goal of the indoctrination system that has been in the public schools for the past several decades.

All it takes is to comply one time. The next time it becomes easier to comply…To comply your way to total destruction. (Just like one sin makes the next sin easier to commit. It blunts the conscience and dulls your perception of wrong.)

When I began this story, I shared my upset at the percentage of people complying with unsafe mask mandates.

As an INFJ, I feel very strongly about the wrongs committed against society this past year. My heart hurts to see the deceptions running rampant. It hurts even more to see the larger number who know the truth and still choose to comply. I see the long-term ramifications of compliance where most do not.

It’s not just a mask. It’s the first step in the downward slide to receiving the mark of the beast, leading to total destruction.

And that breaks my heart.

I hope this has at least created a desire to begin researching the truth. I pray that you will seek God’s guidance and wisdom as you walk forward.

Above all, I pray that you will put on the whole armor of God and stand firm against the fiery darts of satan. I pray that you will be joining me inside the gates of the Holy City created for those who walk according to God’s commandments and have the faith of Jesus. (Rev 14:12)


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