Coming out of the fog

It has been a difficult last six weeks or so. I have been dealing with life on life’s terms, I guess you could say. I feel like I have been in a fog. I haven’t accomplished much at all in the past month.

I have been doing my recovery work though. I have been going to meetings. I have been meeting with the people I am supposed to meet with. I have been using the tools that I have been taught to use.

Because of all of that, I am slowly coming out of the fog I have been in mentally. I feel like I am waking up. The last two days I have actually gotten some work done on the computer. I have been procrastinating a long time in some things. Now, things are getting back to normal.

We all have days where we sort of check out mentally. Where we don’t seem to be completely aware of what is happening in life. That is how it has been for me.

But I am back now. I know I have been a bit skimpy on some of my posts lately. That will improve now that I am awake again.

Recovery is a one day at a time thing. We have to work at it all the time. We can’t allow complacency to take over. We can’t get lazy.

It is good to be back at the computer and working again. I have many things to catch up on.

Remember, even through the bad days, life is good.