Choose You This Day….

Life is all about who we choose to worship. God, our Creator, made man in His own image. We were created to worship God. We have a God-hole in us. Unless we fill it with God, we will never experience true happiness.


However, there is a usurper who gained control of this planet through deception in this great controversy between God and satan. Even though we were created to worship God, when sin occurred, fellowship was broken with God. We no longer had that one-on-one relationship available to us without a Mediator, Christ.

Christ came to pay the price of our sins (sin is the transgression of God’s law, His form of gov’t). Christ’s death paid the price of our sins. It provided a way we could re-establish relationship with God. (This is like getting to the check-out and realizing we forgot to bring our wallet. Christ steps in with HIS wallet to pay. Do we accept His payment, or do we allow pride and self-will to cause us to refuse His payment, and remain determined to pay ourselves?)


Now, we have a choice. Sin brings destruction to all. The wages of sin is death.

We can choose to have those ‘wages’ paid by Christ’s death. Or we can choose to refuse His payment and have to pay the wages (costs) ourselves. This will lead to our eternal separation/destruction. We will be consumed (a completed act) by God’s presence. (Only the sinless can exist in the presence of God’s consuming fire.)


When we choose to accept Christ’s payment, then we agree to live by the conditions of God’s government (the ten commandments). If we choose NOT to live in such a manner, then we choose to remain in ‘disfellowship’ with God. This means, we end up rejecting Christ’s gift of pardon.


At the heart of Gods’ law is His seal (the fourth commandment). Ezek 20:12 “Moreover also I gave them my sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD that sanctify them.”


At Creation week, God set aside a day to rest in Him. He knew man needed a day to come apart from the cares of the world to spend time in relationship with Him.

This is the day GOD set aside for worship.


However, for every one of God’s truths, satan has a counterfeit. Through the workings of an earthly power, satan established an alternative day of worship. We are told that He wishes to be in place of God. So, a usurper who wishes to replace God will have his own day.

Just as the seventh-day Sabbath is the sign we worship God, those who worship on the counterfeit day show their allegiance to its ‘creator.’ **ANY day of worship aside from the 7th day is a counterfeit. Any alternative to the true day set aside by God is a counterfeit.

There is only ONE truth. Anything else outside of truth is a counterfeit. This goes back to when Jesus said He is the truth and the only way to be re-established in relationship with God.


Just as Sabbath worship shows God’s sanctifying work on us, Sunday worship (or any other day of worship) sets satan’s mark upon the worshipper. John 4:24-26 tells us we must worship in truth.


When Cain brought his offering of fruit, he wanted to choose his own method of sacrifice. Abel followed the conditions of sacrifice set up by God. Cain’s offering was rejected because he chose to do things his own way.


This is the same underlying principle is demonstrated today by every believer who attempts to worship God on an alternative day than the one He set aside (the 7th Day Sabbath).

It’s important to remember that Cain’s gift was rejected.


James tells us that if we break one commandment, we break them all.


If we choose to ignore God’s law regarding His day of worship after accepting Christ’s payment, then we are breaking fellowship. (It’s like the prisoner getting pardoned from death row and returning to his life of crime. He will be returned to prison without any expectation of getting free again.)


Josh 24:15, 1 Kings 16:20-21 both challenge us to ‘choose this day whom you will serve.’ Do we choose to worship in truth on the day set aside by God? Or will we choose an alternative set aside through a human agency by the counterfeiter?


God judges according to the knowledge we have had access to. However, we are held accountable for knowledge we could have had but chose not to learn. Those who choose NOT to learn and follow truth will be held accountable during this time when earth’s history is closing its final chapter.


The truth regarding God’s day of rest vs the counterfeit is spreading worldwide. There will be no one who could say s/he did not know the truth or have access to the truth. In this age of ready access to knowledge, each individual will be held accountable for their choice in their day of worship.

We must choose. Do we choose to walk in obedience to all of God’s law, including His specific day of worship? Or do we continue to ‘break fellowship’ by worshipping on a counterfeit day?


Soon, there will be a Being appearing as Christ saying that God’s law, His day of worship, has been changed. This is satan, seeking to deceive all who are not walking in 100% obedience to God’s word.

God never changes. His law has never changed. It will never change.

Only those who read and study God’s truth in its entirety and choose to walk in obedience to that truth will be able to not be deceived. (This is only done by 100% complete reliance upon God’s strength. We cannot do it ourselves.)


Those who choose not to follow the truth that they have been exposed to will be left to their own delusions, including the last great deception of satan appearing as Christ.


Now is the day of salvation. Today is the day to choose whom you will worship. Will you worship God in truth or satan by counterfeit?


I pray that each who reads these words will choose to walk in truth.


Something to think about.