Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenals are small walnut-side glands that sit above your kidneys. Their function is to handle hormone release for your body’s stress responses. This is your ‘fight or flight’ response controller.

Because of the high-stress society we live in today, our adrenals are often ‘fatigued’ from overuse. Coffee is one of the underlying culprits of the over-release of hormones from this gland. When your adrenals are fatigued, then your thyroid begins to be affected also, by the stress of every day life.

There are ways to heal the adrenals, but it is not a fast fix. The first step in healing of any health condition is to remove the initial cause. For adrenals, this means coffee and high stress situations.

Although we cannot remove all stress from our lives, we can become proactive and reduce a good deal of it, even if it means changing jobs or leaving a stressful relationship.

What I have used to heal my adrenals is to combine Sole (Himalayan Salt Solution) and vitamin C. I also add iodine to support my thyroid and other organs during the healing process. I would say, from my own experience and listening to others, a person should expect at least a year of being on a very good health protocol to experience healing of the adrenals. If a person is very sick, it may take longer. A person can begin to feel better sooner, but full healing takes a longer time. High stress must be avoided during the healing period.

One of the best cures for stress is developing a deeper reliance on God. We are told often throughout the Bible not to fear, worry, or be anxious.

Here is a nice article that gives more details about adrenal fatigue and healing tips.