What is abnormal?

I think I am going to love my Abnornal Psych class. This week we have been discussing exactly what constitutes abnormal.

In this society of America, we are very lax and accepting of a wide variety of behavior. So it might be said, there isn’t much that is considered abnormal by societal standards. Because that is one standard that is used to judge whether a behavior is abnormal or not – according to the society the person lives in.

Impairment: Ability to function in work and life is also part of the standards. Is the person able to function in work and life? Can he/she go about his/her daily life and get things done?

At risk? Is he putting himself at risk or society at risk by his behavior? Is he suicidal or homocidal?

Distress: Is the level of pain such that the individual can not function?

So abnormality is a combination of all these standards. In this freedom loving country, someone may be considered different and still be “normal” in his functioning ability.

The problem comes when a real abnormality exists and mental illness is there. Help is needed. But because of stigma or lack of knowledge, nothing is done. The situation gets worse. The ultimate price is paid many times in suicide or even homocide.

If you know someone who is behaving abnormally by these standards, please seek medical help. I am no Doctor, by any means. I am only trying to offer help to the many people out there who are suffering needlessly.

There is great help available today. Break the cycle. Begin the life of recovery. Life is great on the other side. It is well worth the effort.