Walk As Jesus Walked: Experiencing Christ’s Rejection

This morning, I read the chapter ‘Priestly Plottings’ in Desire of Ages, a book written on the life of Christ. (Recognized by the Library of Congress as the best book written on Christ, outside of the Bible.)

As I read of the priests efforts to remove Jesus from the scene, I thought of how each Christian who walks in obedience will also have to walk as Jesus walked. As Jesus experienced rejection from family and friends, so will those who choose to walk in obedience to all of God’s word.

As Jesus’s example caused the priests to become even more urgent in their desire to kill Him, so will those who call themselves Christians but walk after the counterfeit do the same to those walking in obedience.

Jesus warned us not to be surprised when we are persecuted and reviled for His name sake. (Matt 10: 22; Matt 5: 10-12) He warns us in John 16:2 that those who put us out of the churches will think that they are doing God a service.

Why must we be prepared to experience rejection especially in the church?

Because those walking in darkness do not like the truth.

The priests hated Christ because He spoke truth, demonstrating their choices were evil.

When we live God’s love in action, then we will be hated by those who would rather choose the darkness/counterfeit.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but it is how people react when someone’s life of truth show off their life of error.

2 Thess 2:10-12 tells us that God will leave those people who choose not to love and follow truth to their own delusions.

Remember, God never forces. Never. Not even in matters of worship. Force is always satanic in nature. Always. Even when it is labeled ‘for the common good.’

Caiaphas, the high priest at Jesus’ time, even said it was better that Jesus died (one man), than for the nation to suffer. This is ‘for the common good’ in a nutshell.

This same argument will be used against those walking in obedience in the near future.

Each child of God choosing to walk in obedience will have their own period of rejection, just as Jesus did. They will have to face their own ‘not my will, but Thine.’ They will experience their own Gethsemane.

The only way to gain victory in each of these instances is to die to self daily, so that Christ can live His life, His victory, in us.

I pray that for each of you, as we contemplate Christ’s death and resurrection this weekend, as you continue to grow in grace, to choose to walk 100% in God’s truth, and experience Christ’s victory in your life.

Something to think about.