Two good books dealing with mental health

I wanted to take a few minutes to recommend two books for reading about mental health. One I mentioned before: “I am not Sick, I don’t need Help!” by Dr Amadore. It is excellent to help family members, Drs, and counselors to deal with the consumer in order to arrive at a win-win situation.

The other book is “The Miracle Brain” by Jean Carper. This is filled with the latest research on brain health. There is a lot of research on how to help your brain by diet and supplement even with bipolar and schizophrenia. Things like fish oil are good.

This book also deals in things how to help with diabetes, ADD,  dementia, babies intelligence, etc. It is chock full of good things to read and learn from. All the latest research. Easy to read and follow. Find it and read it for some good ideas.

Medication is necessary in many cases in dealing with mental health. Today’s research is finding many alternative methods that have helped hundreds of people to use supplements instead of medication to help their brain disorders.

I am not a Dr and I do not recommend going off your medication. If you decide to choose supplements, do not do so without your Drs supervision. I have friends who have been without meds for over a year. He is doing fine. He is on a set of supplements that have worked well for him.

The thing to know is that everyone is different. It takes for some people a variety of things to achieve recovery. For some, it just takes medication; others it takes just supplements; others it takes a combination of medication, counseling, and supplements. The important thing is that you are working toward recovery – whatever it takes. Because life is worth living.

We can do it. We are worth it.