True Health vs The Germ Theory Lie

If you follow me at all, you will hear one of my broken records regarding the germ theory lie. It is a lie. Health is not reliant on whatever microbe we are exposed to.

If it were true, we would be extinct as a species.

Pasteur confessed to the lie on his deathbed.

I have Lyme disease. Some would say that would give me a compromised immune system. It would put me at risk IF I followed the SAD diet and the standard lifestyle choices. [By the way, I only experience chemical sensitivity and EMF sensitivity as a result of Lyme. I no longer experience the level of debilitating sickness I lived with for years.]

However, I do not. I eat a whole food, plant-based diet. I exercise regularly (5-6 days a week). I drink at least half my weight in ounces of water a day. I get plenty of the sunshine vitamin. I practice temperance daily (moderation of good things, avoiding the bad). I breathe clean air. I rest, including observing God’s holy Sabbath. I trust in God’s divine power.

I detox regularly. I limit to my power the things that can create leaky gut (hyper-permeability). I re-inoculate daily with healthy bacteria.

As a result, I have not gotten sick in a long time. This week, I had sick grandkids coughing in my face. The weeks before that, I was exposed to all my students being sick off and on for two weeks. I was around those who were later diagnosed with the CV. Others had flu. I was in regular contact with them for several weeks.

I’m still not experiencing any sickness.

I do not want people to think I’m bragging because I’m not. I guard my health very carefully. I eat very carefully, controlling my appetite. [Just FYI, my son gave me a very nice treat. I knew it would be a weakness so I put it away, out of sight, to avoid temptation. <G>]

I ask God for strength daily to walk in obedience to His health and moral laws. I believe as I do this, He blesses my effort.

My health continues to improve. It is not anything I can do of my own, it is allowing God to give me the strength to live according to His law.

If I can do it, anyway can.

It is not easy. In the early years (Jan 2013), I thought I would go insane with the cravings. God gave me the strength I needed each and every day.

We do not have to live with the ‘standard American diseases,’ while we consume the ‘Standard American Diet.’ It’s our choice.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I would love to help you, walk alongside you, as you make the changes to improve mental and physical wellness.

After the New Year, I will be offering my 10-week Rebuilding the Temple health class. The classes will be discounted as they will be recorded. If you are interested, keep an eye out for the notices.

Maybe this year, you can finally keep that New Year’s Resolution to improve your health. I would love to be your companion along the walk to a healthier you.

Something to think about.