The Princess Cut: Marriage God’s Way

I am not a big TV watcher. When I do watch something, I’m very picky on what I watch. I make sure that if Christ was sitting beside me, He would not be offended by it. (Phil 4:8)

This past week, I started a three movie series titled, ‘The Princess Cut.’ You can find the first episode here. (These are on PureFlix. The link is YouTube.)

The three episodes share about a family and those connected to them. It starts with the land. The family is a farming family. You have ‘Dad,’ ‘Mom,’ older sister (Grace), and two brothers (Robert, Drew).

The first episode is about Grace. She is being pulled two ways as to how best to find the perfect mate. She is tired of getting her heart broken.

What I really enjoy about this is that it shows what happens when we follow the world and what happens when we follow God. The family is a very traditional, conservative Christian family. The dad demonstrates the importance of following the parents counsel and God’s guidance.

This movie would be excellent for the tweens/teens and young adults. It would also be good for those who have ‘messed up’ and find themselves single again. Perhaps if those who had messed up (I’ve been there, not casting stones.) would have had this guidance, maybe they would not be ‘single again.’

This movie demonstrates how a couple can ‘court’ and allow God to lead under the parents’ guidance.

The second movie, while not giving away any real details, demonstrates how we can continue to follow God even when things go bad.

The third movie demonstrates how God can bring ‘beauty from ashes.’ It’s a classical story of how a messed up single parent can turn around and still find God’s path, while doing it God’s way this time.

The first episode may feel a bit ‘B’ movie, corny flavor, but I believe it is only because we are so indoctrinated by the world to believe that it is impossible to follow God’s relationship guidelines in today’s world.

I give all three of these movies a big ‘thumbs up.’ They are appropriate for tweens and up. Beware that in the second episode, there is a natural disaster, and the third episode contains a domestic violence theme/scenes.

It’s hard to find movies today that do not have language, violence, or sexual innuendo, etc. These are well worth the time to watch and discuss as a family. The first episode would be excellent for the parents to use as a springboard for that ‘choosing a mate’ talk.

God’s standards still apply even if the world has gone mad.