Sound the Trumpet: Ezekiel 33

Powerful warnings in Ezek 33 today.
1. God is calling His people to sound the warnings to the world of the coming destruction.
2. IF we refuse to give the warnings, then their blood will be on our hands, when we stand before the throne of God. **I REFUSE to experience this. This is my why.
3. Very important truth in vs 12-13. If you have done righteous (ie: you accepted Christ as your Savior) BUT you return to your life of iniquity, you will be destroyed for the iniquity. THIS discounts the ‘once saved always saved’ myth that many people believe these days. God never leaves, but you can choose to leave the family of God.
4. Another point, if we are living wicked, but choose to begin to walk in obedience, repenting (means turning away from), then the wickedness will not be held against us. This is wonderful news.
5. Vs 15 is important. What are we to do to avoid destruction??
*Walk in obedience to God’s laws and statues.
* Restore the pledge (this refers to Ch 18: 7) which tells us we are not to oppress the disabled, widows, orphans; we are not to be violent; and we are to feed the hungry.
Just FYI, the Bible tells us that one of the reasons Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was because they did not tend to the widows, orphans, and disabled. They were sin city (sort of like modern Hollywood). But the major count against them was their oppression of the poor in these population groups.
As a reminder, in the Bible, it was the church who provided for the poor, through the giving of a second tithe by God’s people. At no time was the gov’t involved. Extra funds were given to provide for those in need. It’s a reminder for us to be thankful for what God has given. Using God’s methods, no one should ever be in need.
6. We read here that God does not delight in the destruction of the wicked. He warns to turn away from sin (repent) and walk in obedience so we can be saved.
7. Vs 10-13 give strong warnings to parents who do not teach their children to walk in God’s truths. It is a definite path to destruction. If we do our best to teach and they still go astray, it is not on us. However, if we do not teach them truth (and lead by example), then their blood will be on our hands.
**Lots of spiritual meat in this chapter. It would be a wise person to study this in depth, asking for God’s guidance in understanding and to live according to His principles.
Something to think about.