Sharing recovery

Yesterday I had an interview. The interview went well. Not as I had thought, but it turned out ok.

What really made the day turn out good, was my journaling class and what happened afterwards.

I teach a journaling class. We are in the 5th week of 8 lessons. We have the lesson, then read excerpts from the previous week’s entries. The lady talked of how much the class was helping her, how she was able to face some issues, etc. This made me feel good. It wasn’t of myself this was happening, but God working through me.

We each shared some thoughts. Then we started on this week’s lesson of encountering the past. This is going to be an important lesson. A growing lesson.

Later, someone comes up to me with a question about mental illness. I was able to share some of my own story of mental illness. Then, more importantly, mental health recovery.

We discussed the pros and cons of taking medication. I don’t know of anyone that absolutely loves to take medication. But I know my life without the meds is a lot worse. I would much rather take the meds and function, then lie in bed all day and just exist. The side effects, the few there are, are a nuisance at times. I deal with them.

Then we talked of how my life is now, in recovery. This person has seen the change in the last three years. They commented on how much improvement there has been. I know I have improved – a lot. I am able to do things now that I couldn’t even think of doing a few months ago.

God is good. He has blessed me tremendously. Yesterday I felt like He was verifying my calling in working in mental health. I know I am going the right way.

It is good when something happens to confirm the work God has for you to do. That was what happened to me yesterday.