Self-injuring- getting the word out

Wednesday I gave a speech on self-injuring for Toastmasters. The difference for this speech is that it was for an International Contest. I had practiced a few times by reading it through. I hadn’t practiced as much as I normally do. It was a heavy topic for me as my friend has recently died from self-injuring. I wanted to get the owrd out on how to stop.

I did well. So much emotion came welling up inside of me as I started to talk. I did not feel like crying at all. I just felt this passion to tell people the dangers of SI. I gave my best delivery I think that I hve ever done.

I ended up winning the contest. Now I go on to Area on Feb 21. What that means to me is that more people will hear the message of self-injuring and how to stop the terrible behavior. It is good. Whether I win or not is not the main point. The main point is spreading the news that there is hope to stop the addiction of SI.

The last speech contest I was in I won also, then was disqualified by three seconds. That was a crushing blow as I did really want to win. This time, I wanted the message out and ended up winning.

Anyways, I am glad that something good came out of something bad.