I listened to the second part of a teleseminar today. It was very interesting seminar.

To accomplish anything you have to believe three things:

1. You have to want it.

2. You have to believe you deserve it.

3. You have to believe you are destined for it.

I thought that was a very interesting philosophy. It could be applied to just about anything in life.

When it comes to mental illness, one’s self-confidence tends to become eroded over the years. One’s self-worth takes a dive.

Then comes recovery. It takes long hard work to recovery from mental illness. Part of the recovery involves developing a self-confidence and a self-worth.

I’ve talked before about listing positive characteristics and having them about the house. I talked about how this helped me so much in my self worth and self-confidence.

Then there are affirmations.

Those are positive statements you can make about yourself stating as if they are already happening. Stating the positive in a today mode.

Some examples of affirmations are:

I love being alive and being me!

I am ready to accept a hapy and satisying relationship.

I am having a great day.

You can find more examples of affirmations online. There are several books about positive self-talk. It takes work.

But it is worth it.

While I was listening to the teleseminar today, I decided that I did want my dream. I did deserve my dream. And I believed in my dream. So I am on the way. It will take a bit of time, but I know I will arrive.