Robin Williams and Suicide

There have been so many posts on the suicidal death of Actor/comedian Robin Williams. Suicide affects more than just the one who dies, but tends to leave generational scars. There is the effect on the community also, especially when it is a well-known person.

Please, it does not increase the risk of completed suicides if you ask the person you are concerned about if they have thought about killing themselves. If they say yes, ask if they have thought of a method? Do they have the means? If they answer yes, stay with them until you can get them help. Ask about things to live for- family, children, etc.

Talk to them and let them know you care. Sometimes it is just knowing someone cares enough to ask makes all the difference.

Completed suicides are growing at exponential rates here in the states, as in other parts of the world. The numbers will continue to grow until we lose the stigma attached to mental health conditions. There is help. There are many ways to help improve brain health without necessarily taking a pill. Sometimes taking the pill is only temporary while the person learns other skills and makes lifestyle changes. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If you are feeling hopeless or life is not worth carrying on, please call someone. This is a huge hot topic with me. I’ve been that low before. I understand. I can tell you that life is worth living enough to push through that dark place to get the needed help. Life can be good again. It can be wonderful. Talk to someone.