Rabbit Trail: Exactly Why is Eating Meat Unhealthy?


I was reading more in this new book I started. It was talking about how meat leads to all type of health issues. I know that since it is acidic. However I started questioning more. Exactly what does it do?

After some digging, I learned that animal products lead to a messed up gut biome. The chemicals used in raising that animal leads to leaky gut.

So not only does it mess up the balance of the good vs bad bacteria in the gut, it creates hyperpermeability (leaky gut). I think I have played my broken record enough on the topic of leaky gut and how ALL disease begins in the gut.

So there really is science behind the recommendation of how a plant based diet is better for overall health. I mean, the Bible talks about it, but just in case you don’t think that’s enough reason.

Additional reasons….

Stress hormones worsen meat quality. Stores will add dyes and other chemicals to compensate for the breakdown in quality.

The cortisol levels remaining in meat are passed to humans. This helps creates a sustained level of ‘fight or flight.’ Can you see the negative impact of this? It’s easier to see the link to heart disease. There is also a link to diabetes from meat eating.

Meat actually lowers testosterone levels (I thought this was hilarious since many men say they need meat to be manly.)

Meat also affects estrogen levels negatively.

I am amazed at the amount of information on how bad meat is for our health. Yet people persist in thinking it’s necessary.

I am not even touching the reasons behind the unclean meats given us in the Bible.

For more information on the science behind unclean meats, here is a video I watched years ago.

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