PTSD- Vet Center offers services for our vets

At the  NAMI meeting this month we had a speaker from the local Vet Center named Mike Ogle. He spoke on PTSD and its symptoms. It was an excellent presentation, especially in regard to our men in their service to our country. As always I took extensive notes. I wanted to share what I learned. Maybe you can pass it along to a beloved serviceman/servicewoman who have given their all to our country.

Vet Center offers benefits such as:

      VA Home loans

      VA Business loans

       VA Counseling

       Work/study program

       Educational assistance in addition to the GI bill

        Voc Rehab

        Health benefits

        Life insurance policy

So see your Vet Center to check into benefits for yourself or your loved one.

Signs of PTSD:

nightmares, forgetfulness, panic attacks, sleep problems, isolation, lack of motivation, startled reflex, flashbacks, physical reactions such as sweating, etc.

There can be anger, hypervigilence, and substance abuse.

If someone you know is showing signs of PTSD, get help. You do not have to be in a war to have suffered from PTSD. Sexual abuse can bring it on. A natural disaster can also cause it. A type of trauma that is not resolved in your mind can cause PTSD. It is when you keep feeling the trauma over and over.

There is hope out there. Living in a state of stress is not good for the body.

Get in touch with a counselor, or if you are a vet, with the local Vet Center or VA Hospital.

The longer you put it off, the worse it gets. There is nothing wrong with getting help with PTSD or any other brain disorder. It isn’t your fault.

God can repair our trauma through the treatment He provides through counselors and other helpers.  He is there for you. Just reach out to Him and to others. Don’t give up.