Positive thinking

It is still snowing on April 22, 2008 in Northern ID. We had two days of warm 70 degree temperature and now it is winter again. I am trying to stay positive. We have had over 9 ft of snow this winter in the town that I live in. We have had many records broken.

Positive thinking is very important. I have been listening to movitational tapes in the car and in cassette tape players when I can pry it from my son. He loves listening to books on tape, so I don’t get my turn very often.

This morning I drove to Walmart to fill my pantry shelves. It was swurling snow. I was very frustrated at it. Then I started talking outloud to myself, reminding myself why I moved to the north from TX. I moved for the snow, mountains, and cooler temps. Yes, we have had record breaking amounts of snow this year, but that is no reason to get upset about the continual snow.

It didn’t help.

I am more than ready for warmer temperatures. I am ready to dig my hands into the dirt and planting of growing things. I want to see seeds shooting up green. I want to eat what comes from my own labors.

Northern ID has such a short growing season. Right now I feel like it will never be warm enough to plant anything. I saw the planting material at Walmart and felt like laughing as the snow flew. Who could think of planting when the snow is still flying?

Positive thinking is very important in accomplishing goals. I have accomplished several goals, one day at a time, by positive thinking. I have reached recovery in mental health by working through positive thinking. I have had to work hard to retrain my brain to think positive. Sometimes I have a hard time when there are days like this.

Overall, I am doing great. My business is slowly taking off. I am accomplishing my goals I set for myself. I do that by positive thinking. So what if I have off days when I get bummed out about the persistant winter weather. Everyone has off days. The problem comes if the off days continue. I know mine won’t. I will shake it off. I know the storm fronts will finally end. The sun will shine – eventually.

You want to improve your life? Change your thinking. Start thinking positively. Things will start changing for the good. I know. It has happened for me.