PNW Recovery News

This month will see the fruition of a 2 yr dream of mine. We will be putting out the first edition of the PNW Recovery News. It is a quarterly newsletter for the mentally ill by the mentally ill. The first issue will be out by the end of January. Other issues will be put out in April, July, and October.

This paper will have articles from doctors, counselors, about alternative treatment for mental illness, a humor column, stories of recovery, financial info for living on disability, addiction issues, and many others. We want to hear from those dealing with mental health issues.

There are subscription prices if you want one mailed to your home. There are special rates for consumers, families, and professionals.  Bulk rates are also available for service providers.

This newsletter will be patterned in part after the New York City Voices. You can research them online to see an idea about what we will be like. This newsletter will have a publication range in OR, WA, ID, and MT.

Do you have some ideas for the paper? Contact me to share them. This is a paper for you, the consumer and the families. We want to be a resource for help and encouragement to help each of us on the road to a life of recovery.

For more info, contact me at