New beginnings

Here is a New Year. A new beginning in many ways. This country has had some setbacks. This whole world has had some. But we can still be going on one day at a time, working on our recovery. No matter how bad things get, it isn’t bad enough to give up on your recovery.

Things are good for me. I am starting my next semester working on my psychology degree. Hopefully everything will come together for me to start my Master’s program next fall. I can’t believe that in one short year, I have accomplished so much in working towards my goal. I couldn’t have done it without God.

I have a heavy load this next semester. I will try to write more often in the blog. I have much to say on the issue of recovery from mental illness.

Recovery takes a lot of work. But it is so worth it. Life is great  to live. All the work is worth it when you go back to work, or develop new friendships, or learn a new skill, or whatever you do new in recovery.

In recovery, the sky is the limit. God can give you the means to reach for those new limits, those new dreams. One day at a time.

Try it.