According to psychologists, motivation is anything that might energize and direct an organism’s actions.

What is your motivation? Is it good grades, if you are in school? Money at a job? Your kids?

In the material that I have studied on motivation over the past year, I have learned that motivation is tied in with the self-esteem. If you don’t feel good about yourself inside, you are not going to accomplish that goal. You are not going to get that good paying job. Make that A. Cook those healthy meals for your family. Work on your recovery.

Do you see how intrinsic that self-esteem is in motivation? Even if you get a fire lit under you to really try something for a while. Then, if deep inside you don’t feel you deserve that goal or whatever it is you are working for…you will ultimately fail. You will reach the point where your self talk will convince you to quit for some reason.

Do you really want to accomplish some goal? Get a better paying job? Make more money? Go to school? Recover from mental illness? Then start at the building block of your self-esteem. You have to believe that you deserve it. That you can do it.

I have a quote on my desk (actually I have a desk filled with quotes) that says “I can do whatever I believe I can do”. I have another that says, “If your mind can conceive it, your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.”

I believe those with my heart. After all, you become what you think about. Think that you deserve a better life. You are worth a college education. You are worthy of a healthy relationship. A better job. Tell yourself some positive traits about yourself every day until it is automatic. Your self-esteem will improve. So will your motivation.

With better motivation, you can accomplish anything you set your heart upon.