Leading cause of disability

In developed countries, mental illness is the leading cause of disability. This is my topic for my third speech in Toastmasters coming up this next Wednesday.

I joined Toastmasters for several reasons. One: to help me to become more professional in my speaking; two: to help me get over my fear of crowds and people; three: to help me in learning to organize speeches.

Just as in writing, it is best to speak about your passions. My passions are the mental health field. This time I am speaking about mental health.

In the past I have made a list of topics I feel knowledgeable about that I can speak on. This last week I had my name put on the list for NAMI’s speaker bureau. I will start going on and speaking about mental health for NAMI. I am looking forward to that.

If you need a speaker for your organization and you are in the Pacific Northwest, you can contact me at maryruthdilling@gmail.com for more information. I have about twenty topics I can speak on. I give discounts to churches.

I can speak on mental health issues, special needs children, homeschooling issues, single parenting issues, budgeting issues, time management, drug/alcoholic addiction issues, and parenting issues.

Contact me if you have any questions.