Kindling Dreams International Educational Center opening this fall….

Kindling Dreams International Educational Center opening this fall….

This past year, I taught a small co-op through my local church. I taught 1-2 days a week, giving the children assignments to work on through the other days. Our focus was learning the skills need to be prepared for the upcoming last day events (mental, physical, and spiritual preparation).

With various requests coming in, I decided, with the help of two wonderful ladies,  along with my son and his girlfriend, we will begin offering classes online on an international basis.

This will be a Bible-based curriculum, using nature as the foundation. We will have hands-on activities to learn outdoor skills, as well as the normal school topics.

At present, we are still seeking a location to be able to offer face-to-face classes, along with the virtual classes.

What will make us different, is that we will be offering special accommodations for those children who have challenges. I have one lady who is a Resource specialist. The other is an Autism Educational Specialist. They are both wonderful ladies with years of experience.

We will offer four different levels of involvement (different tuition costs) with parent/teacher involvement. For those interested, we will offer the curriculum alone (available in August) with no teacher assistance. It will be a one time cost.

We will also be offering quarterly in-person meet-ups so the skills can be practiced by region. There will also be a regional representative who will help the parents with assessments, questions, etc.

We have a lot of work still to do, but I wanted to give a little heads-up on what we have cooking up.

It’s going to be a wonderful year with great opportunity for the whole family to learn together and become better prepared for the upcoming last days.

For more information, contact me at for more information.