Indoctrination Against Sabbath Keepers Beginning

I’ve had this link shared with me multiple times. I had not yet watched it until this morning. I am NOT recommending watching the movie itself but this little blurb would be of interest to SDAs. **Warning, there is extreme violence in the trailer shown.
I do not watch anything these days that is not G rated. <G> If there is bad language, violence, or sex, I do not watch it. That leaves me watching things like Beverly Hillbillies (about the only thing I watch these days, when I watch something).
The reason I’m sharing about this is NOT to promote the movie, but to show early indoctrination methods.
In this movie, the earth is visited by time travelers who share that there are ‘aliens’ who come to attack the earth. These aliens supposedly wipe out everyone. So they need these people to travel to fight the war of the future.
The indoctrination part is that these ‘aliens’ attacking to wipe out humans are SABBATH KEEPERS.
So the indoctrination is already beginning to teach that Sabbath keepers wish to destroy society and should be hated and removed before they can destroy the world at large.
Wow. Talk about things moving fast.
Just FYI, any ‘aliens’ who show up will be demons. Those from other planets would NEVER visit the sin-filled one here. ONLY DEMONS, satan’s angels. The other worlds out there are unfallen and would never visit this one. They sure would not tell us that God’s law has been changed (which the demons, masquerading as aliens from other worlds, will be doing in their upcoming appearance).
All those TV shows with ‘alien’ characters were all part of the early indoctrination so you would easily accept the demons who come pretending to be from other worlds.
Satan is a wily foe. Unless you are standing on the firm foundation of Christ, the Solid Rock, you will be deceived. If you refuse to walk in 100% obedience to HIS truth/word, you WILL be deceived. *The Bible is not a buffet table where you pick and choose what to believe. It’s all or nothing.
God’s word says He will leave us to our own delusions, those who refuse to walk in obedience.
What I liked about the first part of this video is that the speaker mentions the powerful influence video has on the viewer. They are able to change mindsets in short periods of time by the use of video in indoctrination.
Your brain cannot distinguish fiction from truth if it sees things in front of it. So when you watch something with violence, the brain records it as really happening to you right then. It will establish neural pathways for each scene you watch as ‘truth.’ This is why Paul warns us in Phil 4:8 to be careful what we watch/focus on.
Indoctrination warning for this film. Heavy mind-washing to hate Sabbath keepers. This is setting you up for the upcoming death decree for those who walk in obedience to God’s law and do not accept the counterfeit Sunday worship.