From Negative to Positive


In dealing with mental illness, many times we deal with errors in our thinking. We are filled with negative thoughts. We are filled with myths in our thinking.

For instance, thinking “nobody likes me”, “I can’t do anything right.” This is self-talk. We are filled with it. Negative thinking is one of the leading hallmarks of depression.

It takes work to cut short that negative thinking. Hard work. If you start on a campaign for 14 days to stop saying negative things, then you can break that habit. Every time you find yourself saying something negative, you start over.

Then, when you find yourself saying something negative, say something positive in turn. I can do _________. I know Mary likes me. I know Jim likes me. I may not be an expert at bowling, but I am very good at skating. You get the idea.

Take a piece of paper and write a list of good traits for yourself. Put it where you can see it several times a day: on your refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror, by your computer, etc. Make several copies. Read it in the morning and in the evening. Eventually, you will be able to say the list automatically. You will be able to affirm the good traits about yourself.

What will this do to your brain? It will create more positive pathways. It will create a positive attitude in your brain. It works. I have done this for myself. You will begin to love yourself in a way you have never done before. When you love yourself, recovery comes easier. Life becomes easier.

A positive attitude is one of the first keys to success in life. You become proactive, not reactive. You become what you think about. Do you think negative things? Then life is negative. But when you work on changing that (and it is work) then a more positive outcome happens. Life becomes more positive. Happiness actually can happen.

Changing your thinking in mental illness is not easy, but it can happen. One day at a time. Recovery can happen. Life can be worth living on the other side.