Feeding the Brain, Pt 4

        Feeling the Blues


In the last article of this series, I wish to recap the fundamentals of good mental health as I address the topic of depression.

Depression is a worldwide epidemic and causes more disability than any other mental health diagnosis. Depression is a generalized term which could apply to dysthymia, cyclothymic disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, substance abuse mood disorder, and post-partum depression. Depression is said to be responsible for up to 60% of suicides in the USA.

Depression has six different biotypes (fundamental cause): undermethylation (38%), folate deficiency (20%), copper overload (17%), Pyrrole disorder (14%), toxics (5%), and other (5%). Each of these biotypes have certain symptoms related to depression. They each cause a result in neurotransmitter activity. For example, undermethylation will cause reduced serotonin and dopamine. Folate will cause elevated serotonin and dopamine. Copper overload can cause elevated norepinephrine. Pyrrole disorder can cause reduced serotonin and GABA (which is a very important neurotransmitter for turning cell activity off.). For effective treatment, it is essential to know the underlying biotype. If treatment is not of the correct biotype, it can cause a worsening of symptoms.

These terms can be confusing and misleading. There are particular symptoms which are common for each of these biotypes. A health care professional can assist you in determining which nutritional issue is leading to the symptoms of depression.

To summarize a natural treatment for depression (and other mental health issues), I recommend eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet on a rotation basis. This rotation basis helps lessen the histamine load so common today. Assess for food/chemical sensitivities. Detox regularly. Supplement for nutritional deficiencies. Work on healing the leaky gut. Get plenty of water, sunshine, and sleep.

Psychotropic medication usage is growing at exponential rates in our young people. Even babies under two years of age are being prescribed these medications. Medications for ADHD are not to be used more than a few weeks according to the informed consent pages, but most parents do not know this vital information. Long-term psychotropic use has not been tested. These medications tend to cause more and more side effects, which lead to additional medication.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the steps I suggested above do work. It is not easy to make the changes. It’s hard at times to have people look at you weird for eating a “peculiar” way. That’s ok. God calls us to be peculiar. He wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers.

We do not have to become a statistic if we are willing to make those needed changes. I pray each family considering this information will pray for God’s guidance in order for you and yours to become the persons you were created to be — without symptoms of mental health issues.

If you would like help in making these important lifestyle changes, please feel free to contact me at kindlingdreamsllc@gmail.com.