Fear removed

I am finally back from the writer’s conference. I had a great time. I met with some editors who wanted to see more of my work.

I am writing a book on mental health recovery. One editor wants to see it when I am finished. He said I could even send it without an agent if I couldn’t find one. I am excited about this.

One thing I have suffered from in the past is agoraphobia. I was nervous about going to such a large conference with so many people. I have to share something wonderful with you.

There were hundreds of people there, but not one time did I suffer a single fear about people or crowds. The fear and nervousness was completely gone. I tell you it was a God-thing.

I would go up to people and talk to them, introducing myself to them. There was no fear. It was great.

It was located up in Estes Park, CO. Beautiful scenery. I experienced altitude sickness while I was there. That part wasn’t good, but I made it through.

The days were long – 14 hr days- but filled with spiritual food. I learned a lot about the craft of writing, along with having myself spiritually blessed. I have much to do now.

It will take me a while to recover from the long days. I have been going none stop since then. I am glad to be home.

Have you ever had a time when fear had been removed from you?