Experience, strength, and hope

Tuesday night I was at my Parent’s Support Group that I lead out in. It is for parents with mentally ill children.

A new lady came that night. She had a 16 year old son with some difficulties. She had been having trouble getting a diagnosis so he can receive services.

I sat with her and went over some characteristics of autism and other things she had been talking of. I also pointed her to some local resources for diagnosis and counseling.

At the end of the meeting, she was thanking me for my help. I was where she is now four years ago. It was such a natural high for me to be able to share my experience, strength, and hope with this mother who was in crisis.

It also let me know that I am training in the right field. I have a little over a year to go. I have had this reassurance several times over the past year. It always gives me a thrill to be able to help someone with mental health issues. Makes recovery so much more beneficial to pass it on.

All the work I had done over the past for my own son was put to use in helping this lady. So, when someone else comes to you in crisis, you can pass on what you have learned in recovery. Never think that you can’t help someone else. It is one of the gifts you have.

Try it today.