Doing a 120

Today I had to do the 120 for my son with his PSR. PSR stands for Psycho-social-rehabilatation. He meets with his PSR for six hours a week. They work on different things on his treatment plan.

Today we reviewed his treatment plan to see where he had improved and where he still needed work. It was a pleasure to note where my son had improved over the past three months.

He is concentrating more. He has improved more in school work. He is reading better.

We are still working on social things. That is part of the Asperger’s. It takes a lot of work in that area.

My son wants so much to be done with PSR and counseling. I can understand it from his point of view. I can remember my grandparents taking me to a counselor at his age. I didn’t say a thing. I just sat there. They didn’t take me back.

The point is…I take my son back…and back…and back. Because I know how important it is for his future. If my grandparents had persisted in having me go to the counselor when I was my son’s age, I could probably have avoided a lot of problems in my adult age. But, they didn’t know. I hate to think they didn’t care. I think they did. I think they just didn’t know.

There is more knowledge going about today about mental health care and counseling. Some in error of course, but help is more readily available.

That is what I am getting for my son. He may complain, but I know one day he will thank me. He will have the skills he needs to make it in society that he wouldn’t have had without the intervention. It makes it worth it. Every day.

It sure was good to read the last 120 and see the progress. Yes it was good.