Does Food Affect Behavior????

Food and Behavior has been my loudest and most repeated ‘broken record’ since 2014 when I read the book by Barbara Stitts on the topic. I started studying about the gut/brain connection. This study caused a complete shift in my plans on working in the mental health field.

At that time, there were not many others who were speaking up about this issue. Now, seven years later, it is trending. I would say the majority of people have at least heard the term ‘leaky gut,’ even if they do not understand it.

After much research, I created a two hour seminar, which is still my most requested training..

Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut.

Today, it is more accepted that food is linked to behavior. Yet, there are still some die-hards out there who refuse to believe what we eat does affect our whole body.

Today, I discovered this nice article explaining this topic. If your child is on the autistic spectrum, I strongly recommend cutting both gluten and dairy. Try it for at least three months (length of time for gluten to completely leave the body). **


** Remember, gluten is in almost all processed foods and our personal care products. To remove gluten, you must remove all to see the effect.