Changes coming

As you can see, there are changes coming to this blog. I now have my website up for Kindling Dreams even though it is in its infancy.

Instead of having multiple blogs on various topics, I have decided to combine all the blog topics to one blog. Almost everything I write concerns beoming the person God has in mind for you to become.

We are more than just our mental or emotional sides. We are whole people with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts. In order to fulfill our potential, it is important to work on all aspects. Hence the reason to combining the blogs.

On various days, I will be covering different topics. They may concern mental health, physical health, homeschooling, or food/exercise. There will be days I may just ‘sound off’ and express my opinions on this that are happening in this great country of ours.

I am not going to make this a political commentary. I will occasionally express my thoughts on matters affecting our health and other freedoms. I try to stay away from things that deal with certain people. I do not believe we need to work on making things more divisive.

I hope you like the changes coming. Be sure to leave your comments. Like the new webpage. I’m on Facebook also under Kindling Dreams. I share things there regularly on mental health, homeschooling, and physical health (natural remedies, etc).