Brain Science: Mirror Neurons

Another piece of brain science….
We learn by mirror neurons.
The brain does not know the difference from what it sees (TV, books, etc) as not being real. You may think you know it is not real, but your brain does not.
Every thought and action creates a neural pathway. The more this thought or action is completed, the stronger the pathway.
HOWEVER, if you act contrary to your thought (ie: Belief), this will create confusion in your brain. So your brain will end up pruning your belief pathways.
For example:
If you believe it is not right to work on the Sabbath, but you do anyways, your brain will begin to prune that belief pathway. It will become easier and easier to work on Sabbath.
It doesn’t stop there.
The other belief pathways that are connected to the Sabbath belief will eventually weaken as you continue to work on Sabbath, breaking a belief you have.
Before you know it, you have wandered far from the set of beliefs you have had for years, because you started walking contrary to your talk.
It is essential that you walk your talk or you will lose your talk.
I have seen this over and over.
By not walking your talk, no matter the reason given, you will weaken spiritually until you die spiritually.
God can help if we confess our sins and turn back to Him. He can guide and lead you back to where He wants you to be.
We have a hell to shun and a heaven to gain. It’s not a good time to be wishy-washy or walking contrary to our talk. It’s not a good time to weaken in our faith.
Time is running short. God is calling His children out of the spiritual confusion of Babylon (counterfeit belief system). I hope you heed the call.
Something to think about.