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Changes are coming. Please be patient as we update the webpage. The first change is a set of new logos. We are dividing Kindling Dreams into two branches. One (Transformation Institute) will be the source for our adult classes. The other (Kindling Dreams Academy) will be for our children’s educational classes/programs. We hope to make the site more streamline with programs and products are easier to find. 

Kindling Dreams…

The original vision of Kindling Dreams (KD) was to reach out to the youth who were slipping through the cracks. As most dreams do, our vision has adapted and grown. Today, we offer a variety of classes (online and face to face) and coaching/consulting services. As we grow, more services will be offered. Keep checking back to see what is current.  Our main goal is to help people take charge of their lives in a healthy, wholistic manner to become the best they can be, overcoming obstacles in their way. Simply put, we wish to help people move from ‘barely surviving to abundantly thriving.’

What we want to offer (with your help):

One service we wish to offer here at KD is to offer a resource list of organizations across the country that provides aid to those in need. If you have knowledge of an organization that would be beneficial to others, please send the information HERE. I’ll verify the information and get it on the list asap. We also wish to provide a list of volunteers who are willing to provide help to those who have chronic illness. For more information, click here.